Let’s see what Luther has to say this time.

“To entertain a true conception of Christ is important, for the devil describes Christ as an exacting and cruel judge who condemns and punishes men. Tell him that his definition of Christ is wrong, that Christ has given Himself for our sins, that by His sacrifice He has taken away the sins of the whole world.

“Make ample use of this pronoun ‘our.’ Be assured that Christ has canceled the sins, not of certain persons only, but your sins. Do not permit yourself to be robbed of this lovely conception of Christ. Christ is no Moses, no [mere] law-giver, but the Mediator for sins, the Giver of grace and life.

“We know this. Yet in conflict with the devil, when he scares us with the Law, when he frightens us with the very person of the Mediator, when he . . . distorts for us our Savior, we so easily lose sight of our sweet High Priest.

“This is why I am so anxious for you to get a true conception of Christ out of the words of Paul: “Who gave himself for our sins.” Christ is no judge to condemn us; He gave Himself for our sins! He does not trample the fallen but raises them! He comforts the broken-hearted.”

Excellent thoughts indeed. If you’re tempted to think, “all this is too good to be true,” remember Romans 5:1–“Being therefore justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” And Romans 8:1–“There is therefore no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.” And Hebrews 10:14–“By one offering Christ has perfected forever them who are sanctified.” It’s true. Luther is right. Christ’s sacrifice is perfect, and it deals with all our sins, every one of them, and there is nothing that can cause God to go back on the full pardon that He has bestowed in the Cross. Now, “the God of hope fill you with joy and peace in believing” these things (Rom. 15:13).