Here is a journal entry I came across recently. I think it might open up the magnitude of Christ’s humility to us a little bit more.

What does it mean that “He made Himself of no reputation?”

He took on the flesh of Abraham and David, dirty sheepherders, who knew sheep and tents and lice and manure. He Himself knew these things no doubt. He was conceived in a young girl’s womb, which He Himself had crafted years before. He sustained the girl’s life as she carried Him nine months sustaining His.

He directed Mary and Joseph to a town where He would be met with an animal’s feeding trough. His birth was normal, involving placenta, an umbilical cord, and blood.

He had one purpose on His mind, “the Son of man came to minister and give His life a ransom for many.” And these “many” were His enemies, haters of God, rebellious, twisted images of Himself, their very existence a perpetual insult to His holiness. The first day of His earthly life, He had enemies.

He submitted Himself to parents, themselves by nature sinners against Him. Since He voluntarily submitted to His own Law, He obeyed His parents, “for this is right.” He was trained in a common laborer’s trade, and worked long hours at it, and no doubt excelled.

Fulfilling all righteousness He was baptized by a sinful man, John. He endured temptation and near starvation in the desert. He made Himself available to any needy individual and spent three years helping others, morning, noon, and night, when fresh, when tired, even washing people’s feet like a slave and having no place to lay His head, all the while setting His face like a flint toward the Cross.

Behold the fierce love of the Eternal Son, who would suffer any indignity to meet our greatest need.