Pastor Tom Parr

Tom and Naomi Parr were both born and raised in the Northwest. They moved to Anacortes in 2006 with their children to plant Cornerstone. Tom holds a ThM from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and wrote his thesis on covenant theology in Puritan William Strong. He loves to read and study the Bible and sound theology. Naomi is a stay-at-home mom always active in the service of the church. The Parrs have three adopted children, including two who are now adults. Tom has written or edited a number of theological works.

Contributing Editor & Author of Mark vol.



Mark Ward

Mark and Laura live in Mount Vernon. Mark works in Bellingham as the Editor of Bible Study Magazine, a product of Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software. Mark holds a PhD in New Testament from Bob Jones Seminary. He is the author of several books and host of the Bible Study Magazine Podcast and of the Authorized documentary. He is also an active YouTuber. Laura is a homemaker and the proprietress of Blackburn Gardens, a micro-urban flower farm.


Bret and Sandy live in Mount Vernon; Bret works for Skagit County.

Deacon Bill Harriman

Bill and Pam live in Anacortes. Bill is a retired insurance consultant.