There are a lot facts that lead me to trust the Bible, and these facts are amazingly convincing. No other book has the credentials that the Bible has. Let me give you several factual reasons why I accept the Bible as the Word of my Lord.

Most importantly, the Bible claims to have its source in God. In essence, I believe it’s the Word of God because it says so. This sounds deplorably “circular” to many people. But the fact of the matter is that anytime you argue for your presupposition, you must depend on your presupposition. If a rationalist, who believes that man’s mind is the final arbiter of what is true or false, were asked, “Why do you believe that your mind decides what is true?” he wouldn’t be able to answer that question without using his mind. In other words, he’s being circular. There’s no way around it. To argue for your Reference Point, you must appeal to it. You’re bound to circularity.

But the biblical Christian has an advantage in the circularity game, because the human mind (even the collective human mind) is finite. It cannot know all things. It’s grasp of the universe is minuscule and always will be, considering the amount of data to be gathered. The human mind is ignorant, dependent upon the testimony of others, and susceptible to data manipulation and propaganda. In other words, it is an insufficient reference point. If we are to be confident that we have absolute truth, we need a Word from someone who knows all and cannot lie.

And that is exactly what we have in the Bible. It was “inspired” by the God who cannot lie (2 Tim. 3:16; Titus 1:2). Yes, men penned the Bible, but they “spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost” (2 Pet. 1:20-21). This means that the Bible is not mere opinion. It came from the mind of an omniscient God, who can and does take into account all the facts. The Bible therefore deserves our supreme loyalty, because it is Truth in a world of full opinion. It is certainty in a world full of humans who disagree over what matters most. No matter how much collective humanity “progresses” into new ways of thinking, the Bible is a Rock that never changes.

You might say that based on my reasoning, you could justify any religious claim. Couldn’t the Mormons say “I believe the Book of Mormon, because it claims to be God’s Word?” You could argue that anyone making a claim to inspiration would have to be believed and that that’s preposterous. I agree. It’s preposterous. But the Book of Mormon actually claims it has errors in it (see “Mormon,” chapter 8, verses 12-17). And anyone who dares to claim that He speaks for God must demonstrate the proofs that God Himself tells us is evidence of a true prophet.

The proofs are total accuracy in prophetic predictions and total doctrinal agreement with the revelation that came before (see Isaiah 41:22-23 and Deuteronomy 13:1-3.

Next time, in part 3, we’ll begin delving into these two proofs, which God Himself tells us is evidence of His Word.