There are supposedly more people today who doubt God’s existence than ever before. I want to quickly highlight something I said in the last post:

“The human mind (even the collective human mind) is finite. It cannot know all things. It’s grasp of the universe is minuscule and always will be, considering the amount of data to be gathered. The human mind is ignorant, dependent upon the testimony of others, and susceptible to data manipulation and propaganda. In other words, it is an insufficient reference point. If we are to be confident that we have absolute truth, we need a Word from someone who knows all and cannot lie.

On CNN two reporters said that the reason why so many people are doubting God’s existence is the availability of information on the Internet. In other words, as I said in the quote above, “Collective humanity.” These experts imply that religion is a provincial thing, and the more people have access to the evidence, the sooner they’ll shake off religion’s shackles. Religion, they imply, is the result of ignorance, and in our enlightened age, we’re seeing that the “man in the sky” is an ideological fossil. They even go so far to say that in fifty years, Christians will be nearly extinct.

My point is that if people are doubting God because of what they discover on the Internet, they’re putting their faith in ill-researched claims, opinions, and propaganda. Isaiah 2 says “Cease from man, whose breath is in his nostrils, of what account is he?” Trusting in mankind’s collective reasonings is a sure path to deception. Matthew 24 says “Many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many.” Jesus predicted these times, and so did the apostles, “There shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts and saying “Where is the promise of his coming?”

I look into the heated faces of modern pundits and commentators, and I laugh that they want me to doubt Jesus based on their word. I’ll stick with the one whose Word never changes, thank you very much.